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  • 03/30/2016 6:26 AM
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    ·         This is for all skill levels. Accuracy is not important. The target is 12”x18” and just needs to be hit 5 times from 15 yards.

    ·         Open to members and their guests. No guest limit as long as they have some shooting experience and are over the age of 10. Youths from 10-16 years of age must be directly supervised by a Range Officer or their parent.

    ·         $3.00 per hand. One dollar per player goes into kitty paid out at end of each hand.

    ·         Each player will take 5 Shots with any firearm (no loose shot) at their target.

    ·         Players are to bring their own ammunition.

    ·         Shots will be taken from a standing position unsupported.

    ·         Any card hit more than once will be scored as one card. If a target is hit more than 5 times it will be disqualified and the contestant my reshoot a new target unless a range Officer can determine the stray shot.

    ·         When a shot hits the line between two cards the higher face value card shall be played.  

    ·         Standard poker rules shall be used to score hands with the addition of suit rank high to low spade, heart, diamond, club as a tie breaker.

    ·         We’ll stop at noon for a cook out. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be available if you would like to buy lunch. Then back to shooting.

    ·         All firearms must use an empty chamber indicator (ECI) or flag going from vehicle to range unless in a case. Flags must be used on all firearms while in range area. Flags will be handed out at registration if needed.

    ·         All types of sights, scopes and other optics will be allowed.

    ·         Per range rule everyone must have some sort of hat (make sure all your guests know this rule)

    ·         Everyone must have ear and eye protection while Contestants are at the firing line.

    ·         All firearms must remain stowed on rack or in a case between rounds. No handling of firearms between rounds without the assistance of a Range Officer.

    ·         All firearms must be in a case or have flag in receiver while going to and from the firing line.

    ·         When called to firing line Contestants will place firearms on the bench with receivers open, magazine removed and flag installed.

    ·         Contestants will only load when commanded by the Range Officer.

    ·         In case of a misfire or a squib load, keep muzzle pointed down range at backstop and raise your trigger hand. A Range Officer will come and assist you. The Range Officer will clear the firearm and allow the contestant to get a replacement cartridge.

    ·        After shots are taken, receivers are to be opened, magazine removed, flag installed, gun laid on bench and step back. The Range Officer will call clear when all Contestants are done. Contestants will put away their firearm and then pick up their brass.

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  • 07/15/2016 7:59 PM
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     This fun event is for all skill levels and a great fund raiser for Range improvements. The way it's played is all contestants will have a target with all 52 cards. You will shoot 5 shots at the back of this large easy to hit target 12"x18" (see attached photo) from 15 yards. Turn the target over and see what you dealt for a hand. There will be up to 10 hands. The kitty will be 1/3 of the registration for that hand . You may use any firearm with any sight or scope you want to bring but no loose shot as in bird or buck shot. For this event you will provide your own ammunition. Registration will start at 9AM so please come early to sign up. Volunteers will be needed to arrive at 8 AM to help with set up.

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