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Ham Shoot

  • 04/07/2019
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Range

All are welcome to join us



There will be 10 rounds. 5 for handgun and 5 for rifle
Cost : $3.00 per round. You will receive one raffle ticket per round entered for a Ham / turkey drawing at the end. You must be present to win.
Open to members and their guests with No guest limit.
Registration starts at 9:00AM and the event starts at 10:00AM
Per range rule everyone must have some sort of hat. (make sure all your guests know this rule)
Everyone must have ear and eye protection while Contestants are at the firing line. (these will not be provided you must bring your own)
Contestants are to use supplied ammunition only. DO NOT BRING ANY AMMUNITION TO RANGE
Make sure your firearm is chambered for .22LR.
All targets will be placed at 25yds. Hand guns and long guns will shoot in separate classes except in the trophy round.
Iron sights or fiber optic only, No scopes or red dots. All shots will be taken from a standing and unsupported position. No leaning on the bench.
All firearms must be in a case or have a flag in the receiver while in the range area or going to and from the firing line.
Flags will be handed out at registration if needed.
When called to the firing line contestants will place their firearms on the bench with receivers open, flags installed and magazines removed.
Contestants will only load when commanded by a Range Officer.
Each contestant will get one shot at their target.
In case of a misfire or a squib load, keep muzzle pointed down range at the backstop and raise your hand. A Range Officer will come and assist you. The Contestants will give the unspent cartridge to range officer and receive a replacement cartridge
After taking your shot, receivers are to be opened, magazine removed, flags reinstalled, gun laid on bench and take a step back. The Range Officer will call clear when all Contestants are done.
When the range is clear, targets will be collected and presented to judges. The target shot closest to the Bulls eye will be declared the winner. If there are any targets too close to declare a winner there will be a shootout until a winner is determined. The Judges decision will be final. Any target with more than one hole will be disqualified and that Contestant will be allowed to shoot again at a new target from the same station.
We will stop at noon for lunch and resume the games at around 1:00

The winner of each round will receive a $10.00 gift card plus earn a spot in the shootout round.
The winners of each shootout round 1 from Handgun, 1 from Rifle will each win a Ham / Turkey.
The shootout winners will then shoot for the trophy.
At the end we will have the raffle drawing for a Ham / Turkey

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