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Master Blasters Steel Challenge Speed Shooting Event

  • 04/15/2017
  • 04/23/2017
  • 2 sessions
  • 04/15/2017, 8:30 AM 1:00 PM (EDT)
  • 04/23/2017, 8:30 AM 1:00 PM (EDT)
  • The Range

Match Rules:  http://steelchallenge.com/steel-challenge-Rules-Home.php


Match Details:

$20 entry fee.  Please, no large bills.  Cash or check only.

Rim Fire Pistol and Center Fire pistol only.  No magnums, no rifles, and sorry, no revolver category.


NOTEABLE: center fire pistols require strong-hand side, hip high holster with retention. 

Rimfire requires gun sleeve or range bag but no holsters and will start from low ready position.


You need a minimum of  3   10 round magazines for auto loaders.  More is better. 

You will NOT be allowed to reload magazines while on the shooting line.


Rule 6.2 Maximum time is reduced to 15 seconds per string for this event.  No exceptions.


NOW pre-registering shooters for all April Master Blaster event dates.  4/15 and 4/23.  Walk-on’s only if space available.  Call Larry for either 603-767-2168.


We shoot if snowing but not if raining.  Call if not sure.

Matches will have 4 stages of 5 targets and 5 timed strings per stage. Minimum 100 rounds.  You should bring more !

We’ll run 4 squads of 12 or fewer shooters including range crew.

All Squads will start shooting at 900am. 


Range staff assignments determined at prior Thursday team meeting.


The clubhouse is heated and you are encouraged to stay comfortable by warming up in the clubhouse occasionally. There will be hand/pocket warmers for sale.


Bring all equipment unloaded and bagged into the clubhouse.  We will have a brief Match meeting, show you the safety areas, and give a match walk-thru in the heated space.  Please check-in, pay registration fee and complete your sign-up score sheet then return it to your assigned squad Chief Range Officer. 


NEVER handle ammunition in the safe areas.  You will be disqualified and sent away if you do.


Good luck, be safe and ask your Chief Range Officer for help if you have any questions or concerns, need help, or just plain get cold and need a break.  Thank you for playing.

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